Working Through the Unleavened Bread Issues–Part Two (Resources & Notes)

[Note:  It is not the purpose of this series to address the time of the Passover sacrifice as there is already substantial material on that subject.  The Passover sacrifice and Festival of Unleavened Bread will generally be discussed as they relate to the subject of the days of unleavened bread.

We have to consider that what people decided to call these days from a cultural perspective is one thing, and what they are biblically is certainly another, because the Passover is undoubtedly an independent observance preceding the Festival of Unleavened Bread, and from the biblical perspective the days of eating unleavened bread are the context by which we understand this season of the year and its two festivals (Lev. 23:5-6; Deut. 16:16; Acts 20:6).]   (Working Through the Unleavened Bread–Part Two)